Due to the gate code being compromised and used for the illegal use of motorcycles to access the pit area across the river at Hithermoor. We have no option other than to change the gate codes to all our Fisheries. This will happen tomorrow at 3:30 at Hithermoor and 4:30pm at Moorlane. You should have received a text with the new gate code within the last hour. If you haven’t please contact the membership secretary with your name and membership number. Please don’t ask any of the Bailiffs for the code as they all been instructed not to give it out. Can I remind all members that the security of our fisheries is taken very seriously. When entering or exiting any of the gates you must insure that the code doesn’t become public knowledge or leave it on the code/ one digit off. It must be tumbled every time. This is a major rule break and could bring us into disrupt with our Landload.
We Hope you all have the best Christmas you can under the current circumstances.
The Bailiff Team and Committee

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