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Presentation Evening

Congratulations to everyone that won a trophy for the largest specimen of each species and winners of the club carp / silvers and pike matches. Please remember to let Jason or Rich know the weights of your catches this season – so you have a chance to win the trophies next year and also put photos of your catches on our facebook pages.These fish are not the largest fish in our venues , just the ones that have been reported caught this season.There are a few other trophies that are still to be awarded, unfortunately not all winners could be at the meeting. There are a few other trophies that are still to be awarded, unfortunately not all winners could be at the meeting.
Matt……. Largest Perch 2lbs 6ozs Chris ……. Largest Hithermoor Carp 29lbs 14 ozs
Chris Walker ……Largest Bream 10lbs 8ozs
Jason winner carp match. Dave.. winner pike match

Please remember everyone to record your catches and get them witnessed, If no one around to witness a video of the weighing would be accepted but you must show the scales are tared for the sling before weighing fish.

We wish you all a very good season and hope you break a PB or too


The Bailiff Team

News Letter

Hi All

We thought we would give you a short up date on recent work parties and the AGM

  • The work parties at Moorlane have been a great success with turnouts, work accomplished and results in water quality, We have cleared all the trees and shrubs from the car park to the lake to allow the wind on the water. This has resulted in the Dissolved Oxygen levels in the water raising from 3.1 to 10.2. 10.2 is a fantastic level and one to be proud of so a big thank you to all work partie attendees. We have built a new bridge on to the island and started to remove the trees from there, This will require another work party to complete, We aim to put 3 or possibly 4 new swims on this island so all areas of the lake are accessible and comfortable to fish.
  • AGM was held on the 15th Feb at Stanwell Village Hall, We had a good attendance, there was no rule changes put forward so all current rules apply, No one stepped down from the committee, or any changes made so the commitee stands. The Clubs accounts were presented and we are still in the black which is always good.
  • We disgussed future stockings at Moorlane and in principal agreed on the type of stocking you our members woulds like. The committee will look at fish prices and availability of fish in view to stock in the autumn.
  • Work Party dates for the River Colne are Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March at 09:30am, Meeting place Hithermoor car park. Please bring tools for cutting and clearing swims. Moorlane Work party will be Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April at 09:30am.Meeting place car park. Please bring tools for cutting and building swims, Old materials would be very help full like timber, scaffolding poles and fittings etc. Any Future members that are on waiting list or and wanting to join the club are welcome to any work parties, you will be rewarded for your efforts by being allowed to fish any of our lakes 1 week earlier for each work party attended. Members your reward is you are entered in to the club raffle which is drawn at the july club meeting. you get 1 ticket for each work party attended. We normally have approximately £500 pounds in prizes which include tackle vouchers, various prizes donated by committee and club (Guest tickets, £25 off subs, etc). Lots of very nice prizes.

Please attend the work parties if you can and we wish you all a great year.

Tight lines 

The Committee and Bailiff Team.                   

Moorlane Stocking

Hi All

We have some great news for you all. We have stocked both lakes at Moorlane, The front lake has had Approx 500 mixed Tench and Carp and the Back lake has had Approx 200 Tench and Carp + 10 Larger Carp of around 6lb. We still have a lot of work to do over Moorlane so look out for work partys and attend if you can as every little helps.

Hope your looking forward to catching some of these i no i am.


Tight Lines

The Bailiff Team