River Colne Hithermoor

The River Colne fishery, which extends for over one mile, lies towards the very bottom of the Colne catchment, the lower limit of the fishery being Staines Moor.

Access to the fishery is via a locked gate from Hithermoor Road, Stanwell Moor post code TW19 6AT. Parking is available inside the gated area.

For the majority of the length of the fishery the river flows relatively quickly over a gravel bed and has varied in river and bank side vegetation.

The fishery is physically divided into two sections by a small weir although many consider the footbridge providing access to the lower part of the fishery from the car parking area as the divider between the upper and lower sections.

Until very recently the upper section of the fishery had proved the most productive for barbel and chub although this has not always been the case. This section has produced a number of double figure barbel during the 2013 /14 season with the largest just under 13lb. This section has also produced a number of good chub in the 6lb plus class, plus roach to over 2lb and some quality dace.The 2014/2015 Season sore the fish size and numbers increase with catches being reported of Chud to 7lb and Barbel to 14lb Plus . Lots of silver fish being caught in numbers and the occasional Carp appearing.The 2015/2016 season has been the best of all with reports of catches from barbel to 14lb 6oz , Roach to 2lb and Chub to over 7lb and various reports of catches of dace , Rudd , Bleak ,and Eels. This section just gets better each year with the 2016/17 season producing more double figure barbel then ever before and Chub to 7lb 1oz. The 2017/18 season has been very productive with Barbel over 14lb , chub over 7lb and big bags of silvers reported.

The lower section was less productive in the 2013/14 season until the last few weeks of the season but having said that it had produced some remarkably good fish for a small river, several barbel to over 12lb and an amazing chub of 9lb 1oz, a genuine fish of a lifetime. March 2014 saw a 17lb 6oz mirror carp and a 14lb 6oz barbel landed. The stretch also produces bream to 8lbs, perch to over 2lbs and the best roach of 2013 at 2lb 7oz. There are also shoals of smaller roach and dace which when found can provide good sport for the pleasure angler. The 2014/2015 season saw much of the same with Barbel to over 14lb, Chub to over 7lb ,Bream showing again and Carp coming out in the copse.The 2015/2016 season we saw a Barbel of 15lb 2oz , Chub over 7lb again , Lots of silver fish with roach to 2lb and over Dace , Bleak ,Rudd ,Bream,The occasional Pike and Carp to mid doubles in the copse area. The 2016/17 season was a repeat the season before with the carp in the copse to 20lb and barbel and chub to 15lb and 7lb. The 2017/18 season has been the best season to date with barbel to 15lb 6oz,carp to 21lb and chub over 7lb. Silvers caught in large numbers with some very nice specimens reported.

A roving stealthy approach can be of benefit for both the upper and lower sections.

If you are fishing the top section and you fancy a change to stillwater angling you only need to move a few yards to be on the banks of the Flood Relief Lake.

Fishery Specific Rules (click here)
  • High visibility jackets must be worn when accessing the section of river downstream of the green gate during Brett’s working hours.
  • The coarse fish close season applies.
  • No fishing in the flood relief channel.
  • Designated out of bounds areas are to be respected.
  • Fishing is only permitted from designated swims
  • No wading before 1st August in any season.
  • Only one rod to be used at any one time.
  • Members are not to cut new swims without the permission of the committee.
  • Barbless hooks to be used except in size 16 and smaller in which sizes micro-barbed hooks may be used.
  • Keepnets may be used for the retention of silver fish, however they shall not be used for the retention of any barbel or carp, plus any chub over 2lb in weight.
  • Unhooking mats are to be used for all barbel, carp, chub  and any other species of fish over 4lb in weight.
  • The use of lead core is not permitted.
  • Braid not to be used as a main line. Braid may be used as a hook link.
  • Commercially prepared tiger nuts are the only permitted form of nut to be used on the fishery.
  • Guest tickets are only valid between dawn and dusk.
  • To obtain a guest ticket contact Membership Secretary. Guest tickets must be obtained in advance.
  • Bivvies, shelters or bed chairs are not permitted on the River Colne.


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