Fish care is the most important thing to get right. We spend our time waiting for our prize. Taking care of them once caught is the main priority. Before removing from water make sure your ready, unhooking mat laid out and wet, weight sling out and wet, scales zeroed, camera set up. Once all this has been prepared your then ready to get the fish. When lifting out of water insure it’s fins are ok and not bent back( you wouldn’t like someone bending your arm behind your back) weigh your prize over the unhooking mat, take pictures over the unhooking mat. When returning to the water you must give them time to recover before releasing. It is best to do this in your landing net but hold fish with your hand. Once the fish feels strong enough it will kick off and you will no it’s ok. Barbel are majestic creatures and give there all in the fight so do take sometime to recover this especially applies to them. But it is equally important to take care of every fish no matter what it is or it’s size. If anyone is unsure about fish care please speak to a bailiff or call. Equally if you witness any poor fish care it is important to report it but much better to correct it there and then by educating the Person.
We all want to enjoy this sport for years to come. Fish care will ensure that happens. My number is in your rule book
Head Bailiff


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