Flood Relief Lake Hithermoor

The lake when it was a raw pit The lake when it was a raw pit



This lake was dug approximately 30 years ago in conjunction with two flood relief channels to provide flood relief protection for the Hithermoor area.  From the stark vegetation free lake that it was when it was first dug the lake has developed into a stunning tree and reed lined venue of between 2 and 3 acres in size. The lake backs onto the upper section of our River Colne fishery.

Access to the fishery is via a locked gate from Hithermoor Road Stanwell Moor post code TW19 6AT. There is vehicle access to most swims with the Society adopting a drive and drop / collect tackle policy. Parking is in a designated area within the gated fishery on hard concrete standing.

The depth of the lake varies between 2 feet in the margins to 17 feet in some areas. There are six small wooded islands providing features to fish to, twenty swims, some purpose built with level areas for bivvies’.

All fish stocks now inhabiting the lake originally migrated in from the River Colne to which the lake is connected, since then there has been significant natural recruitment in the lake itself. Fish are still free to migrate to and from the river as they desire. There are approximately 70-80 carp in the lake including at least 4 over 30lb, 16 in the 20 – 30 lb category with the balance mainly in the 8 – 20 lb class. There is also a small head of bream with the largest exceeding 15 lbs, Tench to 8lb. There are also large shoals of roach and perch and their attendant pike.

Fishery Specific Rules (click here)
  • On the bank nearest the river members may drive to their swim to either drop off, or retrieve their tackle at the start and end of their session. A period of 15 minutes from arrival at the swim will be allowed before the vehicle has to be returned to the car park. Vehicles are not allowed on any of the grassed areas around the lake.
  • The coarse fish No Closed season applies.
  • No fishing in the flood relief channel.
  • A maximum of two rods are to be used at any one time between 16th of March and  September 30th. Three rods may be used during the rest of the reason.
  • Barbless hooks are to be used at all times with the exception of matches.
  • Carp are not to be retained in keepnets
  • Unhooking mats shall be used when unhooking any fish weighing over 4lb.
  • Commercially prepared tiger nuts are the only permitted form of nut  to be used on the fishery.
  • Bait boats may be used But must not interfere with other Anglers. If used at night lower light setting must be used.
  • To obtain a guest ticket contact Membership Secretary. Guest tickets must be obtained in advance.
  • This is a relatively small water, please show consideration to other anglers by not spreading your baits into areas in front of other swims, particularly those occupied by other anglers.


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